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What is New Theatre Night 2024?

Read on to find out. 👌

From top left to bottom right: Jack Stone, Kitchen Sink Productions, Emma True & Steven Finley

When and where?

19:30 – 22:00 on 31 May 2024 at One-o-Four.

Where do I get tickets?

You can buy tickets from the event page on our website. 👈

Tickets start from £10 for NHS/Concessions and rise to £12 for Standard tickets (and includes access to all four shows - that's £3 per show!).

What is New Theatre Night?

It's the first performance of this year's Fringe - exciting!

Come and watch four brand new pieces of theatre in one sitting from up-and-coming theatre makers and artists.

Here's what you'll see:

  • The Fountain of Youth by Jack Stone - "A performance that absolutely does not address adult views on childhood. Definitely not."

  • This is Jack's third solo show after studying locally at the University of Chichester. He's performed previous work with us before and we can't wait to welcome him back!

  • A Deceit of Dying Flowers by Kitchen Sink Productions - A gritty and cutting drama about love, lust and the consequences of control in a relationship. 

  • Kitchen Sink Productions is a theatre company based in Chichester, led by a collective of artists who are committed to making art with and for non-traditional spaces, places and communities across the UK.

  • Upsurge by Emma True - A spoken word physical theatre piece, exploring one woman's place in the world.

  • Emma is an actress, filmmaker and spoken word artist, with her writing exploring themes of mental health, nature, relationships and our place in the world. She's already won a BAFTA award!

  • Still Game by Steven Finley - A gambling addict learns to face his demons through the help of an unexpected friend.

  • Steven is a performer; Still Game sees him searching his memories to overcome his gambling tendencies..

That wet your appetite for more? There's plenty other theatre performances at Chichester Fringe 2024 for you to watch, so take a look at what else is on and get your tickets!

We'll see you there...

The Chichester Fringe Team

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