16 June 2021  

21.00  Duration 50 mins

Under London

Lucy Victoria Vincent,

Saskia Lister, Thomas Paget, Cameron Holling,

Jack Coster,

Production: Sophie Telfer

A one act play, ‘Under London’ explores the emotional complexity of a group of construction workers, on the tracks of the London Underground following the death of a former colleague, ‘Guy’. Set in 2009, four years after the 7/7 bombings and during preparation for the Olympics, the play is a reflection on the fast-paced confusion of London. And the distance explored between characters, reflects the isolation of the individual in a busy city which never stops, even after threat and tragedy. The toxic masculinity evident in this working environment is explored not only through male characters, but also through how the female characters conform to a highly testosterone-driven atmosphere. 

Age suitability: 16 +

Content Warning: Contains adult language and themes ie acts of terrorism, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse. References to mental health and trauma-related PTSD.

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    Musical Theatre

    18 June 2021  

    19.30  Duration 30 mins

    Restarting… The Jukebox Quarantine Musical

    By Parts Theatre Company

    Performers: Georgina Frampton, 

    Georgie Gibbons, 

    Abigail Hebdon, Ella Hickman, 

    Emma Mills, Abigail Monaghan and

    Sheena Raichura

    What happens when a pandemic hits the world and seven musical theatre students still have to rehearse for their end of year show. 

    Listening to their individual stories through a zoom call, we follow their crazy ride trying to find their way to put on the show. What comes first? Friendship or fame? Highlighting 2020 trends, TikTok, online shopping, zoom calls and the stress of finding a good connection.

    This show is to remind us that 'Restarting' isn't so bad. 

    Age suitability: 14 +

    Content Warning: Adult Themes, Swearing, References to Sexual Themes.

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    17 June 2021  

    20.45  Duration 10 mins

    The Tragical Performance and Retelling of Doctor Faustus

    By Original Case Theatre

    Performed by India Loseby,

    Simon Burke, Michael Murphy


    Actor Matthew, who is desperate to create a new take on classical theatre, accidentally summons the demon Misteophelas after reading a piece of Faustas.  The lines between fiction and reality become blurred as Matthew finds himself living the play in which he intends to perform. 


    This is showcase performance of the first two scenes in which Matthew and Toph meet and initiate their potential contract.

    Age suitability: 12 +

    Content Warning: Mild use of strong language, some innuendo.




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    17 June 2021  

    21.00  Duration 70 mins


    Performed by Olivia Coppin

    Directed by  Hannah Stride

    GG stops to talk to charity workers, cleans her food containers out before recycling and always gives up her seat on the bus. She plays by all the rules. Until one day, she snaps.


    "People do terrible things daily and get away with it. If this was my driving test I've got absolutely no minors and one... one little major."


    Good Girl is a comedy about morality, self-identity and the dunkability of a Bourbon biscuit.

    Age suitability: 15 +

    Content Warning: Swearing,

    References to Sex

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