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Friends (Steve Raven)

Become a Friend!

Your support will give Chichester Fringe the ability to continue to break down barriers for artists in a post-pandemic world.

What becoming a Friend of the Fringe offers:

How do I become a Friend of Chichester Fringe?

We've kept it nice and simple for you.

  • An annual membership giving you all the benefits in one package:

Individual membership

£25 for you, yourself and... you... to become a
Friend of the Fringe

Sign up here

The important bits

We're so extremely grateful for anything you can give to help us support local talent and artists in Chichester and West Sussex, but we're highly aware there's a lot of things in flux at the moment. 

Our Friends memberships are cancellable at any time and are annual to help keep costs down and access to the Friends benefits nice and simple. Becoming a Friend isn't compulsory to come and see our shows, but we'd truly love your support. And, if now isn't the right time to commit to anything but you'd like to support the Fringe, you can donate online.


If you have any questions about the Friends membership, please contact us.

Friends (Steve Raven)

Thank you.

Being a friend will be giving direct support to the artists, mentoring our volunteers, funding our venues and all without financial risk to the participants themselves.

Katie, Carol & Simon - Chichester Fringe directors.

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