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Musical Comedy

16 June 2021  

20.30  Duration 30 mins

The Confessions of Two Twenty-Something Year Olds
Russan and Royd
Georgia Russan & Emily Holroyd

We ask the important things in life. Why are Dick and Dom MIA? Why are oats always Scottish? And can sadness really be cured with a cup of tea? Join us for an evening of whys, lies and surprise.

Age suitability: 14+

Content Warning: Swearing

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Theatre as part of Comedy Night

18 June 2021  

21.00  Duration 20 mins

Mabel and Able

NaNa Characters

Andrea Seale & Natasha North

Mable & Able will give their views on basically anything they feel like at the time. Mostly themselves. They stand by their life motto:

"We are givers, not takers."

Age suitability: 15+

Content Warning: Lots of chat!

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Theatre and Puppetry

18 June 2021  

20.30  Duration 30 mins

Ancient Antics: Mock the Greek
Dodo Dramatics
Katie Fiddaman, Cassie Osborune, Rhodri Mayer & Tony Murray

Deetrius the Great abandons his life of slavery in Athens to set off on an adventure where he battles the ferocious Greek waters, a stupendous Trojan Horse and a (not so) mighty Minotaur. 

Age suitability: 12 +

Content Warning: Some swear words and innuendos

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Stand Up Comedy

18 June 2021  

21.00  Duration 7 mins

Chi til’ I Die 

Zara Cassidy

A comical examination of Chichester and its inhabitants. Zara has lived in Chichester since birth and has always had a focus on comedy throughout theatrical endeavours, but this will be her first time doing stand-up! 

Age suitability: 16+

Content Warning: Little bit of swearing

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Stand Up Comedy

18 June 2021  

21.00  Duration 15 mins

Stand Up Comedy Session

Amelia Stephenson

Amelia Stephenson, of the legendary Quirks and Foibles trio, makes her solo stand-up debut. An entertaining, yet educational, look at everyone’s favourite Roman Emperor: Caligula.

Age suitability: 18 +

Content Warning: Profanity, Adult themes

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