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Take part

Our 2024 applications have closed!

If you've applied to join us this year, you'll hear back soon. 

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Chichester Fringe is back.

We'll be hosting events all over the city from 31st May to 15th June and we'd love to get you involved.

If you're a musician, solo performer, theatre company or entertainer, scroll down to find out what taking part could look like for you.

What is Chichester Fringe?

Chichester Fringe is an arts festival based in Chichester, West Sussex, an area steeped in rich arts and culture, with venues like Chichester Festival Theatre leading the charge in producing excellent regional theatre in the UK.


Chichester Fringe exists to expand on that, by creating a space for up-and-coming (and already established!) performers, theatre companies, dancers, writers, musicians and more to showcase their work.


We’ve welcomed performers from all backgrounds to our spaces already through our live-streamed 2021, and in-person 2022, festivals already. Plus, last year we had a record festival across seven different venues in the city. Read about our 2023 festival here.

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Want to perform?

Come and see our 2024 festival in person between 31st May and 15th June - it could be you next year! 

And there's no fee required to take part... seriously!

Who can get involved?

Whether you’re a solo performer, theatre company, dance group, comedian, musician/band, spoken word artist or other form of entertainer, all are welcome at Chichester Fringe; we do not ask for any fees to take part and we aim to be as accessible as possible and provide a platform for everyone to participate.

Regardless of whether your performing experience is plentiful, or Chichester Fringe would be your first foray into playing for members of the public, we want to hear from you. If you’re willing and up for entertaining our local audiences, we'd love you to get involved. 

Once we have received your application we’ll work with you to place you in one of our participating venues.

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What would I need to submit?

An act, show or set and a lot of enthusiasm! 

Taking part in Chichester Fringe is free (yes, really). We don't charge our performers for use of the space - we're a community organisation wanting to make arts accessible for all, so it's only right you get to use our partner spaces for free (and, potentially, make some money). 


You’ll need to fill out an online form. Here’s what you’ll need to tell us in the first instance - don’t worry if you don’t have/know everything right now, let us know and we'll help with the rest as best we can: 


  • Information on your production (including content, technical and staging)

  • Your availability throughout the Fringe

  • A bit of background about you including your website/social media links (if comfortable sharing).

You'll also need to submit your preferred venue - don't worry, all the information is in the application form. Have a think which venue would suit your show or act best; if you're performing a more intimate piece, a smaller venue may work best for you!


If you have any questions, you can contact the team and we’ll do our best to help. 

Do I need to do anything else?

While we'll support you with some marketing activities on our end, the success of your event will also depend on how well you market your show. 

If you're given a space to perform at Chichester Fringe, we will set up an event page on our website and a place for people to book tickets. We will then share this on our social media pages and create some online blog content for your show, but you'll need to share these and create your own marketing content alongside. 

The more we shout about you performing, the more people will come! So get creative, get out there and spread the word. Please be prepared to do this, or you may just be performing to the wall (and we really don't want that!).

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Bring your ideas to life

If you're bringing existing work, or producing something brand new and original, Chichester Fringe is a safe space for you to perform.

Where is Chichester?

Chichester is approximately 25 minutes east of Portsmouth along the south coast. We have great connections to London and the South West thanks to direct train routes (and the beach is only 15 minutes away!).

When do applications close?

Applications for 2024 have closed.


This year, we accepted applications in two waves (Chichester is close to the sea, after all). 

First wave applications closed on 18th December 2023. Those who have submitted in this wave will get priority choice for venues and dates.


Second wave applications closed on 31st January 2024


We'll always be in touch with you whether you're successful or not (we promise not to leave you hanging!). 

What if I don't want to perform, can I still take part?

Absolutely, yes! We’re on the look out for volunteers to help support the marketing, social media, planning and production of Chichester Fringe 2024. Reach out to us with a little bit about your background, experience and what you'd like to get involved with!

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Come join us!

We can't wait to hear from you.

Chichester Fringe team.

Zac Brown
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