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Who's the next big thing in comedy? You decide!

Over three nights, YOU decide between 20 comedians who will win a professional spot on an Epic Comedy night in Chichester. Read on to find out more!

Chichester Fringe's New Act of the Year 2023

What's this all about then?

Starting in stand up comedy can be extremely difficult. That's why there's so much more to the comedy scene than just the panel shows you see on TV. Besides, where do you think they all start?

Local comedy clubs showcase some of the best up-and-coming comics around the country, and we're so thrilled that Epic Comedy are partnering with Chichester Fringe to start a New Act of the Year comedy competition.

Yes, competition; you decide who's funniest and gets through to the finals. It's all in good faith!

An excellent opportunity for new acts to perform in a supportive space, with the chance of winning a spot on one of Epic Comedy's professional shows.

How does it work?

Twenty comedians will perform a short set, one after the other, across two nights of hilarious stand up.

At the end of each heat, you, the audience, decide who will win and get through to the Grand Final the following week.

The overall winner then gets their spot on the line up at Epic Comedy's gig with the professionals at Chichester City Arts Centre and be crowned.... Chichester Fringe’s New Act of 2023!

Phil Green's Millennium Bug - Phil is taking part in Heat 1 but is also performing his full show at Chichester Fringe

First heat

What comics are performing?

Dave Wilder

Nick Jones

Phil Green

Harri Dhillon

Charlie Joyce

Sam Coade

Sally Anne Fellows

Katheryn Vine

Catherine Cranfield

Jacqui Doherty

Where is being held?

When does it start?

How do I buy tickets?

Second heat

What comics are performing?

Jack Clay

Ben Ashurst

Michael McKenzie

Jack Abela

Billy James

Sam Love

Geet Chawla

Sophie McKay

Paggy Gacheva

Lottie Hazel

Where is being held?

When does it start?

How do I buy tickets?

Grand final

What comics are performing?

You'll need to go to the heats and decide! You choose who goes through to the final and becomes Chichester Fringe New Act of the Year 2023.

Where is being held?

When does it start?

How do I buy tickets?

Then join us for another night of Epic Comedy

This is where our New Act of the Year will perform - join host Paul Cox, Dinesh Nathan, Paul McCaffrey and your winner at Chichester City Arts Centre in partnership with Epic Comedy.

Founded by comedian Paul Cox in 2021, with the sole intention of bringing the most epic comedy shows to local communities, Epic Comedy's first show was in Midhurst in February 2022 and they now have 6 venues across West Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset.

We'll see you there.

The Chichester Fringe team

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