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Parking @ Graylingwell

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Graylingwell Chapel

If you are driving to the Chapel, please enter Graylingwell via the east entrance and Kingsmead Avenue – that means driving passed Homebase and Aldi on your way in. That is the only way to access the disabled parking spaces and the wider Chapel parking adjacent to the building. Parking attendants will be on hand to advise.

Parking is available but is limited around the Chapel so we would encourage those who are able to use public transport, cycle, walk or lift share if at all possible.

We do however have multiple sites with parking available adjacent to the Chapel as listed below (Image 1):

There are 16 parking spaces all accessed via the East through Kingsmead Avenue (past Aldi) by The Lodge, Graylingwell Drive, Keepers Green PO19 6GU;

16 spaces around the Chapel, North Mead, Graylingwell Park PO19 6EG.

And a further 16 spaces at the additional site off North Mead road (only available during CCDT events), just two minutes walk from the Chapel.

Those approaching from the west, via College Lane, can park on Blomfield Drive, alongside Havenstoke Park in the parking bays marked, or at Chichester Rugby Club (Oaklands Pavillion) car park on Wellington Road (PO19 6BB), between Broyle Road and College Lane. (Image 2)

Spaces on Graylingwell Park and Keepers Green use the JustPark app, and the rugby club uses MIPermit so you might find it helpful to download the apps prior to arrival.  

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Image 1

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Image 2

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