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Coronation Cream Tea on the Canal!

Budding Fringe goers celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III with a cruise along the Chichester Canal.

Dolly & Gracie, legends of the vintage entertainment world, join us for a cream tea on the canal in celebration of the coronation of the King.

They'd performed at a number of events around the country, including Chichester's very own Goodwood Revival.

See a glimpse of what they got up to at a previous Vintage on the Canal event:


We're thrilled to have them! But we couldn't let them get performing without a quick chat...

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

D&G: I'm Dolly, and I'm Gracie and we're Dolly and Gracie. We like to fink of ourselves as vintage sisters from a different mister, (and mrs), as there's no blood shared between us but we share everyfing else. You can usually hear us before you see us and if you do see us be prepared to get our feather dusters up your nose!

What do you get up to when you aren't entertaining us on the seven seas of Chichester Canal?

D&G: Well.... the obvious answer would be cleaning if you see us in our get up. 'owever in reality you can usually find us having a comfy seat drinking a cuppa char, putting the world to rights and putting our feet up.

What can audiences expect from Coronation Cream Tea on the Canal?

D&G: What won't they expect more like!! High jinx and japes with a crown on top, we'd say.. We don't want to give away all our secrets but there will be laughter and tears, (and that's just Dolly). People will come away having had a rollicking good time, made new friends and eaten a delicious amount of cream, hopefully clotted but we don't want to over promise!

Are you looking forward to cruising on the canal boat again?

D&G: Is this even a question... ohhhhh yeeeeesssssss. It's such a special treat to be able to really get to know the punters you are travelling with, (some of them a filthy, mind). The canal is beautiful at this time of year and there's so much to see and during the coronation weekend there's lots to celebrate.

Who makes the best cuppa? Dolly or Gracie?

D&G: We try not to make 'em to be honest, yeah.. much better to get some else to make 'em for you. Although Dolly would mainly prefer mother's ruin than actual char. I guess it also depends 'ow you like it.. As long as it's 'ot then job's a goodun.


Coronation Cream Tea on the Canal is an event as part of the build-up to the Chichester Fringe 2023 season. Find out what's on - from new comedy and theatre to music, family entertainment and poetry.

Our canal events often include food, drink and entertainment in the cost of the boat ticket.

The Chichester Fringe team.

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