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Comedians revealed for our comedy competition!

Here are the 20 comedians taking part in Chichester Fringe's New Act of the Year comedy competition at One-o-Four!

Presented by Epic Comedy, who bring comedians to your doorstep across West Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset and Berkshire, you'll see:

Heat one (4th June):

  • Jacob Laign 

  • Travis Booth Millard 

  • Shazza B 

  • Patrick Smith 

  • Zach Brookes 

  • Baron Fortitude 

  • Ancika Mester 

  • Henning Nilson 

  • Helen K 

  • Shannon Sumfing 

Heat two (6th June):

  • Kate Penfield 

  • Andrew Obeney 

  • Turik Badwin 

  • Alex Prescot  

  • Kat Deller 

  • CK Nath 

  • Stefania Licari 

  • Moninka Hsuef 

  • Chris Cray 

  • James Watkins 

And remember, only five will go through to the final (11th June) for the potential of being crowned WINNER for 2024. 

Plus, don't forget, YOU get to decide your winner, who will go on to perform a full set at our professional night on 13th June (and a long and illustrious career as a stand-up comic). 

We'll see you there 💪

The Chichester Fringe team

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