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Ready to see some magic?

Immerse yourself in our two intimate 'magic' shows this year...

Mark Flynn (left) & Nick Stein (right)

What are these events?

For the first time ever, we're pleased to announce we have welcomed the brilliant Picture Palace to our list of venues for 2024.

To celebrate, we've scheduled two intimate magic shows by two exceptional magicians... and there are only 13 seats for each show -- so you need to be quick to get in!

Who is Mark Flynn and what is his show about?

"Believe in the impossible with magic interwoven stories..."

Three performances: 1st June @ 630pm + 8pm and 8th June @ 7pm

Mark is an actor and magician who thinks there’s something truly special about magic which he wants to share.

In this new show, Mark explores how we lose our imaginations as we grow and seeks to bring back our inner child’s sense of wonder and belief in the impossible using magic interwoven with stories. Some of which may be true, some of them may not be... it’ll be up to you to decide!

Who is Nick Stein and what is his show about?

"A show of scams and swindles from a professional cheat..."

Three performances: 7th June @ 630pm + 8pm and 8th June @ 830pm

Nick has a fascination with card cheating, ancient con-games and the delicate psychology of the proposition bet.

Ever walked past a game of Find the Lady or a Shell & Pea game and thought: "I bet I could find it"? Well, here’s your chance - it’s your turn to try and beat the cheat. So, brush that chalk mark off your back, come on in and try your luck.

"The con is on!" 🤞

Go on... indulge in something magical on your doorstep...

The Chichester Fringe team.


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