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Graylingwell Opening Night

Graylingwell Variety Evening Featured:

Charlotte Wiggins.jpeg

Charlotte Wiggins
Charlotte is a recent graduate of The University of Chichester. She sang a short vocal set of well-known pop songs
to open the show.

Amelia Stephenson (comedy on the canal).JPG

Amelia Stephenson
Amelia, part of the comedy trio 'Quirks and Foibles', performed a short solo comic stand-up routine, discussing the world of
'In the night garden'.

(Contains swearing)


Original Case Theatre
'A tragical performance and retelling of Doctor Faustus'- A play within a play, Matthew Cricket is attempting to create the greatest adaptation of Doctor Faustus summons the demon Mephistopheles.

Rebeca Arrigall-Watkins.jpeg

Rebecca Arrigall-Watkins
Rebecca is a recent graduate of The University of Chichester. She performed a vocal set of pop/musical theatre songs.

poster girl.PNG

The Girl in the Mirror
A movement-based musical from Briefcase Theatre addressing mental health issues surrounding the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Written by Tatjana Sandhöfer, with music by Frederick Brandes, and choreographed by Andre Kamienski. The storytelling is split up to follow both the processes in Eliza's mind and her real-life struggles.
(Contains references to sexual harassment)

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