16 June 2021  

19.00  Duration 60 mins

Open Mic Poetry Hour

Chichester Open Mic Poetry

With Guitarist from Little Machine

Chris Hardy

Lily Barkes, Denise Bennett, Alan Bush, Richard Hawtree, Mike Jenkins,

Christine Rowlands and

Barry Smith.


Join Chichester Open Mic Poetry for an hour of poems accompanied by Chris Hardy from ‘Little Machine’ on the guitar.


Performers include; recent winner of Chichester’s Wagtail Poetry contest (14-18years category) Lily Barkes and Richard Hawtree, who’s poems have appeared in a variety of literary magazines and prize-winning poet of Pratibha Castle.

Age suitability:8 +

Content Warning: Adult language may be used


    Science Fiction-Political Satire

    17 June 2021  

    19.00  Duration 30 mins

    ANGER (Volume 1, Chapter 1)


    Artist, author, animator

    ANGER is a 12 part audio / visual experience which follows the adventures of Queen Elizabeth II into a post-apocalyptic Covid-riddled world. This medieval / sci-fi nightmare is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the post-truth age we are living through. Covid-19, Brexit, the British class system, monarchy, mental health, free will and suicide are dramatised in this work. 

    As the “Leavers“ rush to escape their human bodies by transforming into mech-organic creatures, the “Remainers“ scramble to find some way to survive without them. Armies of Key Workers toil on through the toxic haze and disease, as the elites reveal their new immune bodies to the applause of the global media. Elizabeth, lost and unrecognisable in this new world, would catalyse a transformation quite unlike the others - a being which would change everything.

    Age suitability:8 +

    Content Warning: One swear word. Discussion of suicide. Artwork contains scenes of suicide & strong violence. 

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