Graylingwell Closing Night

Graylingwell Variety Evening Featured:

Becca Hugget.jpg

Becca Hugget 
The variety evening begins with singer-songwriter Becca singing her original songs.

Kuckoo Theatre - Misplaced Investigations.png

Kuckoo Theatre
3 ‘expert’ detectives are confronted with solving the mystery of the ‘lost imposter’, they face many modern challenges to acquire this information.


Mollie Munday
Mollie is a recent graduate of The University of Chichester and performed a short vocal set consisting of Jazz, Pop and Musical Theatre.


The Snake Pit
Crystal Turner Brightman presents a solo piece of original meta-theatre.

Maddy Bool.jpeg

Madison Bool
Madison is a recent graduate of The University of Chichester, she performed a vocal set of 70s classics and an original song

sugarcoated sisters daytime show.png

The Sugarcoated Sisters

Bring their multi-million-hit TikTok personas to the stage. Two sisters move back to their home town to discover unfinished business lurking around every corner. They’re single, nearly 30 and ready to wreak musical revenge on everyone who’s ever wronged them.

(may contain strong language)